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make a positive impact on children with serious illnesses.

Volunteer with SeriousFun Children's Network Camps

Come join the fun and make a positive impact on children with serious illnesses. Whether you have a day, weekend, week or an entire summer, our camps offer a variety of volunteer opportunities. An integral part of making camp happen all around the world, our volunteers make up more than 50% of the adults that help run our camps; they come from all walks of life and defy all age, race, social, economic, and professional boundaries.

Listed below are some of the open volunteer opportunites at our camps around the globe! Click on the camp names to begin your application.


Camp Boggy Creek, Florida

  • Male volunteers needed in every session

Flying Horse Farms, Ohio

  • Cabin & Activity Counselors - Rheumatology/GI Camp (July 9 - July 14)
  • Activity Counselors - Hematology/Oncology B (July 18 - July 23)
  • Cabin & Activity Counselors – Pulmonary/Craniofacial (July 30 – August 4)

North Star Reach, Michigan

  • Organ Transplant (July 2 – July 9)
  • Congenital Heart Disease (July 16 – July 23)
  • Sickle Cell/Blood Related Disorders (July 30 – August 6)

Roundup River Ranch, Colorado
**The following openings are open to Male Cabin volunteers only**

  • Session 5: Kidney Disease/Kidney Transplant (July 17 - 22 | Orientation on July 16)
  • Session 6: Liver Disease/Liver Transplants/GI disorders/Celiac Disease (July 27 - August 1 | Orientation: July 26

The Painted Turtle, California
**Men needed for every session and women specifically Sessions 3 and 8**

  • Session 4: Special Diagnoses (July 7-11 | Orientation July 6)
  • Session 5: Hemophilia/vWD and Thalassemia (July 15-20 | Orientation July 14)
  • Session 6: Rheumatic Diseases and IBD (July 24-29 | Orientation July 23)
  • Session 7: Liver Disease and Transplant, PIDD, TPN, and IBD (August 2-4 | Orientation August 1)
  • Session 8: Sibling (August 10-14 | Orientation August 9)

Victory Junction, North Carolina

  • Male volunteers needed for all sessions

Europe & Israel

L’Envol, France

  • Medical volunteers, doctors and nurses for the summer
  • Fall session: Siblings (October 20 - October 26)
  • Family Weekend (November 10 - November 13)

Over the Wall, UK

  • Scotland Health Challenges (July 10 - July 15)
  • Scotland Siblings Camp (July 19 - July 22)
  • Midlands Siblings Camp (October 24 - October 28)
  • Medical Volunteers for all Sessions

cabin counselors

Through this volunteer or seasonal position you’ll be actively involved in the supervision, guidance and motivation of campers for the entire session. From ensuring campers have brushed their teeth to helping them prepare for stage night, cabin counselors are required to do it all!

medical professionals

At SeriousFun Camps, the number one concern is the safety of the children, from patching up a scraped knee to making sure campers receive medications on time. In addition to the full-time Medical and Nursing Directors, camps require other medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and psychologists to support the program both on a weekly and seasonal basis.

you asked. we answered.

discover the answers to some of our most common questions and queries about working and volunteering at camp.

How old do I need to be?

Applicants must be at least 19 years old to work at camp. Please confirm the age requirement for the camp and position of your choice prior to applying.

What are the requirements for a summer or volunteer position?

We are looking for fun, energetic, creative, responsible and compassionate individuals who will be dedicated to giving our campers the best camp experience possible. For certain program areas (for example, lifeguarding, ropes course, etc.), specific skill certifications are required. CPR and First Aid certification is strongly recommended. Leadership positions may require additional experience, and additional requirements for other positions may vary (please review the specific requirements for the position of your choice before applying). Each position is also contingent upon submission of requested medical documentation and a successful background check.

What are the medical requirements of working at camp?

SeriousFun camps are specialty medical camps and we must take every measure to protect the campers’ health and safety. Camp staff and volunteer members are required to submit a variety of medical documentation, including proof of childhood vaccinations, an updated physical and other medical information. We do not provide health benefits for summer positions.

How long will I be at camp?

Paid summer staff positions may span from late May to late August, depending on individual camp needs. Candidates must be able to commit to the entire period.

How can I volunteer or get involved with Global Partnership Programs?

The mission of serving children in developing countries resonates with SeriousFun camp supporters and we receive many requests to volunteer at a GPP camp. However, unlike our SeriousFun Camps in the US and Europe, the GPP programs rely on local staff who not only speak the language and know the culture, but who are also available to participate in the camp follow-up activities. In addition, the ultimate goal of the GPP is to support and build the capacity of the local leadership team so that they can plan and implement camp year-round. Although volunteer opportunities in these regions are unavailable, we encourage you to consider volunteering at a SeriousFun camp in the US or Europe by visiting their individual camp websites.

I want to apply for a staff position but cannot attend the mandatory training at the beginning of the summer. Can I still work at camp if I can’t attend orientation?

Training is a mandatory requirement for all staff members and volunteers. If you are a student and training conflicts with school, consider researching whether your professors will allow you to take your finals early. Alternatively, camps offer shorter term volunteer positions that start later in the summer.

Where will I live, eat and sleep during the summer?

Lodging on site is available and required. In some cases you may be housed in the same cabin as your campers and co-counselors, in other cases you may live in a separate staff lodge. Don’t worry, either way, you’ll have a place to rest your head at the end of a tiring day. Both cabin and program housing areas are equipped with bathroom facilities. Staff members have access to refrigerators, as well as access to common area laundry rooms and kitchenettes.

Will I be paid?

Yes. Staff members receive a stipend for the duration of employment. In addition, you will also receive lodging and meals while you’re working at camp. Volunteers are not paid.

What expenses am I responsible for as a summer staff member?

Summer staff is responsible for airfare or travel to and from the campsite. Your largest expense while at camp might be any extra travel/recreation you choose to enjoy during your time off, as well as any meals you purchase during time off in between sessions. Other expenses might include personal items you will need to bring to camp such as a one-piece swimsuit, bug spray, etc. Health insurance is not provided and is your own responsibility to obtain.

Are there any restrictions I should be aware of?

Employment positions will be contingent on positive references, criminal background check and completion of comprehensive medical history/physical forms. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on our campgrounds. Drinking and drug use are also strictly prohibited and are grounds for immediate termination.

What is the deadline to apply to camp?

Each camp has a specific deadline based on their specific hiring needs. However, generally speaking, applications will be accepted from January to March. Interviews will begin in February and all staff will be accepted by May.

How do I apply?

Each camp operates on a slightly different schedule and conducts their own hiring, therefore we recommend that you visit the camp(s) of your choice, review their calendar, opportunities and requirements and then apply directly through their website.

You may apply to more than one camp; however, you must disclose this information on your application. Please note that each camp has its own separate application and interview process. Applying and/or interviewing at one camp does not make you eligible for employment at any of the other SeriousFun Camps. Once an applicant accepts a position at one of the camps, all other position offers are void.