power in numbers

all facts and figures. but the true benefits can’t be counted. the laughter, the confidence, the empowerment. those are limitless.

2013 highlights

2013: together, we made a serious difference!

  • Solaputi Kids’ Camp in Japan was approved as a provisional member camp, the intermediate step on the path to becoming a full member camp.
  • A new Global Partnership Program launched in Gaborone, Botswana, fittingly named Camp Hope. In addition, new partnerships were cultivated in India, Kenya and Mexico, positioning the launch of three new programs in 2014.
  • SeriousFun Children’s Network created a new Program Innovation Grant opportunity, which will focus on new and better ways to meet the needs of children and families served by camps and programs.
  • The Network rallied around The Painted Turtle during its wildfire crisis. The Hole in The Wall Gang Camp Fund, Newman’s Own Foundation and the SeriousFun Board of Directors collectively provided $500,000 in matching funds and relocated 45 campers and 39 summer staff to other camps in the Network.
  • The Support Center raised $9.8 million, which included $5 million from Newman’s Own Foundation. Direct financial support to camps and programs totaled $9.7 million, including funds committed through grant programs in prior years. The Support Center awarded $412,000 to 12 camps as part of its Network Improvement Program.
  • Team SeriousFun completed 10 endurance events spanning the globe from New Orleans to Ireland. A total of 145 supporters participated, and, in turn, brought in 4,550 new donors to SeriousFun. Team SeriousFun also provided technical support and consultation for four camps, helping them increase revenue and participation by 65% on average through peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • Two fundraising galas – one in New York in April, and an inaugural event in London in November – collectively raised $1.9 million to support camps and programs.
  • An Outcomes Evaluation conducted by San Diego State University at Global Partnership Program (GPP) locations in Ethiopia, Lesotho and Vietnam found significant improvement in campers’ attitudes toward and adherence to taking medicine.
"I feel like I got inside a wonderful fairytale." − a camper